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Sanchon Korean Food pokhara – Review

Are you looking for a great Korean restaurant in Pokhara? Then you should have a look at Sanchon Korean food on Middle Path street. This amazing restaurant serves all the Korean Staples including delicious kimchi and a great Korean BBQ.

Extensive Menu

Korean restaurant pokhara

One of the first things I noticed when visiting Sanchon Korean food was that the menu offered is quite extensive. You can order anything from spicy curries to Korean BBQ and Kimbaab rolls. They also serve Ramen with egg and black noodles.

Their menu recommends the Kimchi fried rice and the Korean sweet and spicy chicken wings. My husband tried the wings and liked them quite a lot. They did not compare to his favourites at Kyubi’s Kitchen in Kathmandu – but beggers can’t be choosers! Overall these chicken wings were great and I would order them again. 

Cheap Cocktails

The cocktails at Sanchon Korean food were surprisingly cheap. You can expect to pay between 400 and 500 NPR for a nicely mixed cocktail. Beer will set you back between 500 and 600 NPR which is decent given the fact that this is a respectable restaurant, far away from the little shacks on the lake offering happy hour prices. 

Great Curries and Kimbaab at this Pokhara Korean restaurant

sanchon pokhara

I decided to go for the Raato Masu which translates from Nepali as Red Meat. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I am normally more of a Korean BBQ kind of person – but I was hungry and I did not want to wait to cook my own food. This comes close to being one of the best meals I have ever had in Pokhara. The meat was incredibly tender and the sauce was my kind of spicy. The whole dish combined with rice had a rather delicate flavour that was nicely supported by the heat in the dish. 

I tried one of the Kimbaab pieces my husband ordered and it was very tasty. The kimbaab was freshly made and was nice and cold. Nothing worse than a warm kimbaab made with old rice! 

Family friendly atmosphere

Korean food in pokhara

I loved the overall atmosphere at Sanchon Korean Restaurant in Pokhara. The decor was beautiful and it almost felt like you could be anywhere: from New York to London or even some Thai beach town. 

The restaurant is family friendly and the servers are friendly and quick. They are always happy to provide you with some more of their amazing Kimchi, and you don’t have to wait long for your food to be ready. 

Where is Sanchon Korean Restaurant Pokhara located?

Sanchon korean restaurant

Sanchon Korean Restaurant in Pokhara is located on Middle Path Street. Middle Path Street is the street just off the famous Centre Point opposite the Rolling Stones Rock Bar. 

Sanchon Korean Restaurant is located quite a bit down the road opposite Café Camelia and near hotel Middle Path and Hotel Eco Tree. 

Sanchon korean restaurant pokhara

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