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Café Camellia Pokhara Review

Are you looking for an amazing café in Pokhara that offers great drinks and delicious food? Then Café Camellia should be on your “to visit” list when heading to the city of Pokhara in Nepal. This Quiet coffee shop and restaurant offers an oasis of sophisticated calm in a city known for its nightclubs and party culture.

Bali Aesthetic… in Pokhara

My husband and I first visited Café Camellia in Pokhara just after Nepal’s last lockdown. We had been living in the country for about a year and could not leave due to worldwide restrictions. So all we could do was head to Pokhara and hope our little city trip would temporarily satiate our hunger for travel. And Pokhara delivered, not in the least due to Café Camellia’s gorgeous aesthetic that would not be amiss in an upscale Balinese coffee shop.

When heading into Café Camellia in Pokhara, you can expect natural browns and off-whites, complemented with vibrant greens and reds of pot plants and hand-woven fabrics. So whether you sit on the gorgeous and tranquil terrace out front or inside on one of the high tables (perfect for working with your laptop), the owners of Café Camellia have done a great job decorating.

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Great coffee – even better lemonades

Café Camellia offers a range of hot, cold juices and smoothies. The café is known for its coffee, but my favorites are the lemonades.

The coffee menu includes Espresso, Americano, Latte, Vanilla Latte, and Iced coffees such as an Iced Americano, Iced Latte and Iced Café Mocha.

When picking a lemonade, you can choose from Mint Lemonade (very nice), Berry Berry Blue Berries Lemonade (my favourite) or strawberry lemonade. The lemonades are made with real ingredients and come with an extra thick straw so you can easily suck up the berries or strawberries.

Missing a McDonald's McMuffin in Nepal? Head to Café Camellia!

Cafe Camellia McMuffin

I am, however, not the only fan of Café Camellia in Pokhara. My husband loves this cute café, too, mainly because Café Camellia does an amazing breakfast muffin that reminds us very much of the breakfast muffins offered in Mcdonald’s in the UK.

Their breakfast muffins are homemade and taste just like the ones you would get in Waitrose of M&S.
They are filled with cheese and egg, and you can choose to add butter, vegetables, cheese, or sausage. But, of course, we would always add 1 or 2 extra sausages and some ketchup.

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Coco and Latte – another reason to visit Café Camellia in Pokhara

Another reason you might want to visit this great café in Pokhara is the cafés Coco and Latte. Coco is a gorgeous white Labrador who loves food, and Latte is a large golden retriever who loves hugs. The dogs will always be around somewhere – if they are not enjoying the sun in front of the café, they will be looking for some hugs or pets inside.

When visiting Coco and Latte, it is important to remember that you should not feed the dogs. Human food can make them ill. However, Café Camellia has dog treats available, and you can always ask for some to treat your favourite café dogs.

Working and reading in Café Camellia Pokhara

Cafe Camellia Wall

Café Camellia in Pokhara is a great spot to head if you want to do a spot of work or want to read a book. The café has high tables perfect for working inside, and the benches are comfortable. In addition, there are a couple of plugs you are free to use in case you need to charge your laptop or tablet.

Café Camellia is also a great place to do some reading. The café has a small library, and I am sure you can take a book if you provide the library with another one in return.

Important! We often visit Pokhara but this time we visited during pre-monsoon.  I would not recommend this as the mountains are obscured by clouds and it often rains (hard). To find out when you should visit Nepal, you can take a look at my article about the best time to visit Nepal. 

Where is Café Camellia located?

Cafe Camellia Staff

Café Camellia is located on Middle Path street. This road is the large road which runs from the famous centre point at Lakeside Road.

Just look for the Centre Point and follow the road past other famous restaurants such as Frituur No. 1 and Sanchon Korean Food. Café Camellia can be found just before hitting Hotel Middle Path. Coming from Lakeside Road, you will find the café on your right.

Café Camellia is located in the same building as Hotel Blossom. Hotel Blossom is a great choice to stay in if you are looking for cheap yet clean and quiet rooms not far from the bustling Lakeside Road.
Café Camellia is open daily from 6:30 AM to 8:40 PM, serving food from 7 AM to 5 PM.

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